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Epson EH-DM2 projector with DVD player:a portable cinema

Date: 11/25/2008    Source: Global Projector

Epson EH-DM2 projector with DVD player:a portable cinema

Epson are world renowned for their printer range, but they have also acquired fame in the projector market over the past few years. The Epson EH-DM2 just proves how true that statement is.

The Epson EH-DM2 is a HD projector that will not only make you feel as if you've brought the cinema to your living room, will also play your DVD's on the inbuilt DVD player.

You'll not need to worry if you haven't got a big surround sound system to hook the projector up to either, as it has built in speakers, effectively making this a very handy portable cinema system, the unit also has a carry handle so it's easy to transport.
So what is inside the machine, that gets you video up on to the wall? Well, the Epson EH-DM2 is powered by Tri-LCD technology and a 140w UHE lamp, you'll get around 2000 hours out of the lamp before it will need replacing, that's roughly 83 days, it will also give you a picture resolution of 480p

The Epson EH-DM2 has four preset modes dynamic, living room, games and theatre. The games mode will let you Wii owners experience a flawless image when using the games preset, just make sure you don't wave your arms in front of the projector. The noise level of the projector will only be a maximum of 29dB so you won't have to worry about annoying background noise.

The projector will show videos from 0.87 to 12.11m in size and it has various input and outputs which include 3 RCA, 1 composite video, 2 RCA (audio), 1 RBG, 1USB, 1 stereo jack and 1 coaxial digital audio.

The DVD player also accommodates for DivX which is an added bonus, although you'll have to focus the EH-DM2 manually, you will be able to control the other functions via the remote control.

Epson EH-DM2 projector with DVD player:a portable cinema

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